30 Signs I’m Drifting Further Into Adulthood
















I love Aaliyah but she really had it wrong. Age is so much more than a number. It’s an annual, monthly and daily reminder that my days of Poptarts, TGIF and Double Dutch are long gone. In the words of Ferris Bueller, life comes at you fast. Too freaking fast if you ask me. With only a few more years left in the “twenty something” category, here are just some of my daily reminders that I’m slowly becoming a freaking grown-up.

  1. My last recollection of a good Disney show wasThat’s So Raven, Lizzy McGuireand The Famous Jet Jackson.
  2. Discounted toilet paper, cooking gadgets and HGTV really get me excited. 
  3. James Avery passing away was a BIG deal.
  4. I bought this album.
  5. It took a few YouTube videos but darn it I’ve finally mastered my Nae Nae.
  6. On birthdays and holidays I ask for houseware.
  7. When having a drink I actually care about my caloric intake.
  8. Staying up late to watch the “Late Night” show is really a challenge.
  9. Home cooked meals by mom are far and few but when they happen they’re so awesome.
  10. Hymns like “Just a Closer Walk with Thee,” “There’s A Storm Out on the Ocean” and “O’ the Blood” finally make sense.
  11. Student loans are no longer a far, far away myth. They’re 1-800 numbers, mysterious calls from Utah and emails from the Department of Education that could one day deter my dreams of home ownership.
  12. Considering the exact same shoe debuted when I was in Middle School, I really don’t understand all the hype every time a new pair of Jordans are released
  13. I kind of know what Snapchat is but I have no real desire to use it.
  14. Nine times out of ten a quiet Saturday evening with nothing to do is a really good night.
  15. So that nerd I completely disregarded in high school now owns a condo, has no children, decent employee benefits and is now a viable dating prospect.  
  16. I really can’t remember when spring break season is.
  17. Multivitamins matter.
  18. Stefan Urquelle was to my 10-year-old self what Idris Elba is to women now. 
  19. I yawned in the club.
  20. I’m secretly crossing my fingers for an Xscape reunion. 
  21. I used to love snow days until my once 15-minute drive to work was pushed to an hour and I was forced to maneuver my Toyota Corolla through an Alaskan-like skating rink.
  22. Zenon: Girl of the 21stCentury will forever be one of the top 10 best Disney movies. Ever.
  23. I’m genuinely repulsed when I think about some of the things I ate in college.
  24. I know the original Just For Me jingle and can spot that bad boy on a store shelf from a mile away. 
  25. I really regret not paying closer attention when my mom cooked dinner. 
  26. In rare moments of solitude I often wonder what ever happened to Lori Beth Denberg.
  27. I strongly believe that courses like “401K and Health Insurance 101” should be taught in college.
  28. Drinking to get drunk is rarely a fun, recreational activity. 
  29. Bad credit is a legit reason not to date a guy.
  30. Xbox is cool and all but it will never (ever) have anything on the Sega Genesis.


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