5 Questions for the Makers of the Whitney and Bobby Biopic

It was revealed Saturday that former America’s Next Top Model contestant YaYa Dacosta has been cast to play the late Whitney Houston in the Lifetime movie. Directed by actress and biopic queen Angela Bassett, the made for TV film will chronicle the singer’s rise to stardom and tumultuous relationship with singer Bobby Brown.

While I’m looking forward to two hours of DaCosta lip-syncing Whitney classics on cable television and the re-emergence of the Bobby Brown slanted box top, my feelings toward the film are cautiously optimistic at best. Yes, the Gabby Douglas story was cute, but this is Whitney…on Lifetime. From the 4a blonde curly weave and umpteenth octave range, to muumuus and “hell to the naw” I need a 360˚ Whitney experience. But I digress. Before I get too far in my feelings and precede the teaser, there are a few things I need answered to make a more substantiated opinion on the film.

1. Who’s playing Bobby?

I’m just not sure if there’s an actor out there who can capture the many sides of Bobby Brown besides well, Bobby Brown. I highly doubt Brown is jumping at the chance to play himself in a film about his deceased ex-wife, so I’ll go on record and cast my vote for the king of portraying cray cray, Bokeem Woodbine. Given the right lighting, a headset mic and a few dance lessons I think it could actually work. And he has the gap, so double score.

2. Is two hours and commercial breaks enough to tell the story of Whitney Houston?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s Whitney…on Lifetime. While I love a good Saturday night Lifetime movie as much as the next girl, I just don’t know if I’m in the mood for a watered down biopic with commercial interruptions. And apparently neither is the Houston family. “Whitney is certainly worthy of more than a television movie,” said Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law and former manager. “If Whitney were here today, this would not be happening.”

3. Will DaCosta do the Whitney two-step?

Please let this moment happen.

4. Can anyone really have legit beef with Angela Bassett?

I’ve always had this fantasy that Bassett and Houston formed a secret sisterhood following their Waiting to Exhale days. While I have my reservations on the film, I’m certain Bassett will tell Houston’s story with the upmost respect. I know this isn’t a Paramount Pictures production, but it is Angela Bassett. Of all the directors I’m sure who were tapped to take charge of the film, we can rest assured we’re in good hands with Houston’s Waiting to Exhale co-star leading the helm.

According to TMZ, the Houston family is considering a lawsuit to stop production on the film. “We’re told the family has already expressed displeasure to Lifetime and made it clear they weren’t on board with a TV movie,” the site states. “Sources close to the Houston family tell us the estate is planning its own movie for the big screen—à la the This is It Michael Jackson flick.”

5. Which scandalous *cough* classic Bobby and Whitney moments will be re-created for our viewing pleasure?

From the now infamous Diane Sawyers interview to “Being Brown Bobby,” how much of Whitney and Bobby’s tumultuous relationship will be re-created for our viewing pleasure. While we don’t know yet what’s on Bassett’s shot list, I surely hope this one is included.

Tell us! Are you looking forward to the Whitney and Bobby biopic?

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