5 Things to Never Say to a ‘Scandal’ Junkie

Photo courtesy of ABC.

Photo courtesy of ABC.

By Chevonne Harris

If you’re anything like me, Shonda Rhimes’ cult hit “Scandal” is so much more than a primetime television show. It’s a bust out the blanket, grab the pint of ice cream, no interruptions unless Twitter or Facebook commentary, one-hour experience. Oh, and the fact that Kerry Washington is one of only a handful of black women to star in a primetime series makes it that much more awesome.

But while most of the world understands the significance of Thursday nights, there are those few folks who just can’t seem to fathom the “Scandal” obsession. While totally understandable (I get it, adultery, politics, daddy drama, waterboarding and PG-13 love scenes are not for everyone), if you happen to be one of those “few folks”, here are some things to never ask or say to us Gladiators:

1. But They’re Committing Adultery

Of course in the real world cheating of any kind is just plain wrong. But because it’s Liv and Fitz involved in a can’t eat, can’t sleep, gotta have it now love affair set against a fictitious Washington, D.C. backdrop, we give it a pass. Toss in the president’s cray cray wife who is fully aware, and at times unnervingly supportive of the affair, his eerily obsessed Chief of Staff, Cyrus Beene, a few flashback scenes, and the affair makes that much more sense.

And while Olivia Pope may be the ultimate side chick, you have to admire the girl’s tremendous game. How many women can pull the President, a U.S. Senator and a special ops agent all in the same episode? We also give Fitz major bonus points for being down with the swirl.

2. He’s White, She’s Black

Speaking of the swirl, if you think an interracial love affair with the president of the Free World and Oval Office booty calls are the biggest problems in “Scandal” land, you have another thing coming. In true Shonda Rhimes fashion, the show makes no qualms about its bold statements on race and sexuality. And while a scandal of this magnitude would surely make headlines today, (I can see it now, “President Caught Sexing Black Mistress”), in Ms. Rhimes’ slightly more racially progressive world, it’s not that big of a deal.

3. Why is Everyone Tweeting About It?

One of the best things about being a Gladiator is socially networking with the tens of thousands of other Gladiators once a week, gasping, texting, tweeting and retweeting in unison as bombshell after bombshell is dropped. It’s also reassuring to know you’re not the only one mentally drooling over Olivia Pope’s latest winter coat or formal wear. Word to wise, if you happen to be one of the few on social media who are not part of the of the “Scandal” party, try to limit your posting until after the show. After a while it just seems rude.

4. What’s Harrison’s Story?

We’re not quite sure but we can’t wait for that episode.

5. Umm…What’s Going On?

If you’ve ever watched “Scandal” (even just once), then you know the tides can turn in the blink of an eye. Given the possibility of an unexpected turn of events at any given moment, there’s no time for first timer play-by-plays. While we always welcome new Gladiators, do like the rest of us and take a Netflix weekend to get caught up to speed.

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