6 Types of Sex You Totally Need to Have

Let’s talk about sex — particularly the types of sex a dope, bomb a$$ woman like yourself should be having. Whether, married, single, dating or in a situationship, you deserve some good loving, in a plethora of forms. So grab bae and get to tackling our ultimate sex bucket list. Oh, and we even recommended songs to accompany every vibe and position. You’re welcome.

1. Scandal Sex

You remember that episode of “Scandal” when Mellie and Marcus knocked boots for the first time and Mellie all but had another orgasm just telling Olivia about it? Homegirl was downright, self-admittedly, unapologetically dickmatized. She saw the light, shed tears, believed in love for the first time and even had a religious experience, all because of some good loving. Well, that’s what you need, several times over. Good dick, like really good dick, can be hard to come by, so when one invades your space, you take notice. Get sprung, phone a friend when its over, make breakfast in the morning and get your personal dose of that can’t eat, can’t sleep, she’s gotta have it, type of sex.

Vibe: “Keep You in Mind” – Gourdon Banks

2. One Step Beyond Freaky Sex

Ok, so don’t do anything weird, unless that’s your thing, but every now and then, push yourself a little. Grab a toy, try a swing chair, surprise him at work with a trench coat and a smile, and take a break from the normal.

Vibe: “Low Life” – Future ft. The Weeknd

3. I’m Feeling Myself Sex

Tonight we’re trading places. Roll up the partition, climb on top and put the ish on him because you are the ish. It’s your body and you call the shots. As much a men say they love to be in control during sex, they also fully appreciate and crave a confident woman between the sheets. So if only for a few nights (personally, I think it should be several), let things be your way and only your way.

Vibe: “Sex with Me” – Rihanna

4. Creeping Sex

This one time while grocery shopping I purposefully walked out of the store with a case of water on the bottom of the cart. Why? Because I apparently have no soul. And also for the thrill of it, which btw was pretty lit. Now imagine that thrill while propped against a wall or laying on your back, 10 times the fun. I don’t know what it is about getting caught that is such a turn on, but it is. A dressing room, library, movie theater, annoying in-laws house, get naughty and have some fun when and where you’re not supposed to.

Disclaimer: Have fun but don’t get caught. We’re grown in these streets and going to jail for performing a lewd act in public is not the brand.

Vibe: “Anytime, Anyplace” – Janet Jackson

 5. I Actually Don’t and Will Likely Never Love You, But I Just Want to Bang Sex

Your body is calling and sometimes it happens. *shrugs*

Vibe: “How Many Drinks” – Miguel

 6. Gotdangit I Think I Love You So Let’s Be Romantic, Mushy and all Sentimental Tonight Sex

Despite what the hardest of hearts will try to tell you, sex is an intimate act best done with the one you love. Candles, fur blankets, wine, dim lighting, Brian McKnight on replay and any other cliché lovey-dovey thing you can think of is perfectly acceptable for bae. Cuddle, whisper cute ish, do any position that requires you to lock eyes and be in love as your make love.

Vibe: “1+1” – Beyonce

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