7 Ol’ School TV Guys We’d Totally Hook-Up With

By Adore Colour

Oh, to be young and in love. If you’re a ‘90s kid like many of us here, you probably had your fair share of TV guys the sun rose and set on. From wannabe thugs to fresh princes, these guys with their high top fades, color block attire and corny one-liners were everything a pubescent girl could ever want.

So, after much deliberation and in no particular order, here are just a few of the guys that made us TGIF:


Merlin Santana in Steve Harvey.

1. Romeo Santana, The Steve Harvey Show

What girl doesn’t love a smooth talking, skirt chasing, third-year senior with a goofy white sidekick and ‘90s side-part? Played by the late Merlin Santana, much of Romeo’s likability was the fact that we all knew guys just like him. The always goofing, around the way guy with so-so grades but just enough street smarts and one liners to make up for it.



2. Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

From the first episode where he pulled up the house around 7 or 8, wearing a high-top fade and snapback hat, we knew we were in love. Not only did we respect Will’s come-up from projects to prince; we loved his Philly vibes and the comedic relief he brought to the Banks household. Besides, how can you not love the guy who snags Nia Long? He also wasn’t afraid to show his vulnerable side. Admit it, you teared just a little on the classic episode where Will’s father (Ben Vereen) arrives in Bel-Air.



3. Stephan Urquelle, Family Matters

Before there was swag, there was Stephan. From the suits and the voice, to the epic first dance with Laura Winslow as Babyface “This is For the Cool” played in the background, when it comes to TV heartthrobs, it really doesn’t get much better than Mr. Urquelle (Jaleel White). Each week we’d rush home, clutching our candy necklaces in anticipation as Steve Urkel stepped into the transformation chamber and emerged, fog and all, as his suave and debonair alter ego. And while we loved Stephan’s PG relationship with Laura, we did throw a little shade during the Disneyland proposal episode.



4. Dwayne Wayne, A Different World

Despite the fact that he attempted to hook-up with two Huxtable women and just about every girl on the Hillman College campus, we still love Dwayne Wayne (Kadeem Hardison). As one of the original cool, black nerds of television, we secretly hoped our college experience would include an on-again, off-again relationship with the campus math wiz. We also give major props to D. Wayne for his sick glasses and sneaker game.



5. Quinton “Q” Brooks, Moesha

Every girl wants a thug — specifically the ones we have no business being with. While we all knew Q (Fredro Starr) was no good, there was something about the California rapper that kept pulling us back. Maybe it was the bucket hats, his sideways scowl, or the tough exterior that seemed to disappear whenever he was around Moesha. Whatever the case, it was just the right amount of bad boy to make any good girl long for a thug.



6. Theodore “Theo” Huxtable, The Cosby Show

If we had to pick one guy on our list to bring home to mom, it’d be Theo (Malcolm- Jamal Warner). He was the quintessential good guy; a middle class kid, college bound, with working parents. Given his nine-episode relation with Justine, he was also a pretty faithful guy. And he gets bonus points for the endless supply of bomber jackets and acid wash jeans.



7. The Black Power Ranger, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Now this may seem like a curveball for some of you, but if you’re a true ‘90s kid, this makes perfect sense. Racial stereotypes aside, the Black Power Ranger (Walter Emanuel Jones) also known as Zach was a cool dude. He danced, he battled aliens and he even invented his own fighting style, Hip-Hop-Kido.

Let us know your top picks and favorite old school TV crushes!

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