9 Reasons It’s Time to Get Over the Knowles Elevator Smackdown


Like many of you I clutched my pearls as I watched R&B singer Solange go absolutely HAM on brother-in-law Jay-Z in an elevator following the Met Gala, as Beyonce stood robotically against the wall seemingly unscathed by the entire incident. Though the cause of the quarrel is unknown, days later and my timeline is still abuzz with speculation. Like the rest of the world I’m curious what moment or moments led to the altercation because clearly this isn’t the first time Solange has popped off on Jigga.

A lover scorned, sibling rivalry, or a dose of liquid courage, whatever the reason for the squabble, like any good Hollywood story, all scandalous things must come to an end. Family drama is nothing new and it’s time we let this family handle theirs. So, if falling victim to the wrath of Solange isn’t enough of a reason to end the chatter, here’s a few more reasons why it’s time to let the Knowles family feud fall to the wayside…at least until the latest development.

1. #WeveSaidAllJayZCouldHaveSaidToSolange

Enough with the “99 Problems.”

2. How many more memes do we really need?

Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Instagram.


Some weird, some insensitive, all chuckle-worthy and ready for bed. But I have to admit the Homer Simpson meme was pretty funny.

3. They’re famous; of course they have problems!

*Raise your hand if your family has ever had a fallout.* Now multiply that by 10, toss in a few cameras, a couple million dollars, a glass of champagne, and this is what you get.

4. I didn’t love Solange’s wardrobe choice for the night and quite frankly am sick of looking at it.

I love Solange but the peach satin and pixie cut just isn’t doing it for me.

5. The “here’s what happened based on grainy security footage and body language” scenarios are getting out of control.

Because of course Jay-Z is having a secret love affair with Rachel Roy that stems back to the Rockafella days, and Solange stumbled upon them in the coatroom only to then admit her love of Jigga who was unreceptive to her advances so she drowned her sorrows in pinot grigio and kung fu’d the man to the first floor of the The Standard Hotel. Of course.

6. It’s not really surprising that Beyonce left the elevator looking like this.

Photo courtesy of EOnline.

Photo courtesy of EOnline.


No matter the situation, a queen must always serve face.

7. Family drama is never fun and violence is violence.

Until we know all of the deets it’s hard to say who was in the wrong here. Either way, going upside someone’s head is usually not a good thing to do, especially when the cameras are rolling.

8. Until the bodyguard releases his tell-all we’ll never quite know what happened, so let’s stop guessing.

9. The #BeyHive will always prevail.

The Beygency is real folks. Whatever drama is brewing in the Knowles clan and spilling onto the blogs is no match for the sting of the hive. From fallen Destiny Child members to borrowed dance moves and questionable acting opposite Cuba Gooding, Jr., Beyonce fans have held on through it all. And like the others, this to shall pass and be replaced by a fierce two-step.


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