Founded in 2013, Adore Colour is the ultimate digital destination for Coloured women and women of color (whichever you prefer) everywhere. We are an online magazine celebrating the style, flair, vibrancy and overall awesomeness of black women. Updated daily, we offer smart, fresh and relevant content vital to today’s young, contemporary, social savvy black woman. Whether it’s news, entertainment, sex or relationship advice you crave; whatever your hue, we have something for you. 

Learn about our founder and Editor, Chevonne Harris here.

The Lingo:

If you’ve browsed the site you may have noticed the Adore Colour lingo. No they weren’t typos, we’ve just found that there weren’t enough words in the dictionary to adequately describe us Coloured gals and all our emotions, so we added a few more.

  • Coloureds – Our readers. Coloureds are our loyal readers and followers who support the brand and with each visit help us improve.
  • Hue – Hue are you? Your hue is you — a small piece of color, tucked deeply in your soul that defines who you are.
  • NSFW – Not Suitable for Work – We love that many of you start and end your workday with us. But as Coloured girls sometimes we must “go there” in the privacy of our own homes; or at least not on the company desktop.
  • SBW – Single black woman (we talk a lot about that here)