Buzzkill: What Not to Say When Someone Says ‘I Love You’


There are certain moments in life a girl never forgets. First period. First missed period. A major hairstyle change or catastrophe. Engagements, virginity swipes, heartbreaks and of course, the moment a guy says, “I love you.”

Admit it, there’s something selfishly empowering about having your partner strip down emotionally naked, if only for a while, to bare his heart. In those few seconds the power of heartbreak, happiness and swaglessness lie in your hands. But to whom much is given, much is required, especially if you plan to come out of the moment not looking like the ultimate ball buster. Assuming there are no ulterior motives behind his or her profession of their love for you, here are a few ways not to ruin the moment.

Thank you.

While “thank you” is certainly the most tactful response, there are better ways to say, “I appreciate and acknowledge your feelings toward me, but at this moment they will not be reciprocated.” He’s not offering to buy you a Wendy’s 4 for $4 or wash your car. He’s saying out of all the girls, Instagram chicks and jump offs in the world, he wants you — for most guys this is a pretty big deal worth more than a two-word response. Bottom line; use your words.

I love you too, sort of.

Well that’s romantic. Love is definite and doubt means don’t. Either you do or you don’t. Unless he deserves it, spare your guy the torture of waiting while you make up your mind. Now’s not the time to feel some type of way.

Change of topics.

So about that Superbowl…

Bring On the Laugh Attack

This probably isn’t the best time for a giggle fit. In intense moments such as these, a case of the giggles means either two things: 1. Your nervous laugh is a failed attempt to mask your obvious discomfort. 2. You’re potentially crazy. Neither are attractive. If you can’t successfully voice how you really feel without slapping your knee, excuse yourself and chuckle in the bathroom with a friend.


Yes, he really loves you. Newsflash, you’re worth being loved, cherished and admired just as much as the next girl, and in his eyes you’re even better than the next girl. Insecurity is not attractive. Point out your flaws long enough and your guy is bond to either grow tired of constantly validating you, or will be the next passenger onboard the “let’s callout everything wrong with you” train. Contrary to your own belief, you actually have some pretty great qualities that people find attractive. Let yourself be loved. You won’t regret it.

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