Celebrate Your Singlehood and Put a Ring on Yourself with Self-Wedding in a Box

Photo courtesy of I Married Me.

Photo courtesy of I Married Me.

By Chevonne Harris

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she gets the marriage itch. Not necessarily the itch to get married, but a soft mental tussle that begs the question if and when she’ll ever get married.

Thankfully ladies we no longer have to wait around for Mr. Right because we can now marry our dang selves. The I Married Me Self-Wedding-In-A-Box, allows men and women to proclaim their love to themselves with a self nuptials kit. Created by husband and wife team Jeffrey Levin and Bonnie Powers, the kit includes a unisex 14-caret handcrafted gold ring, self-wedding vows, daily affirmations and ceremony instructions all to the tune of $300 ($45 if you opt for the sterling silver ring).

In an interview with Cosmopolitan.com, Powers described the kit as a daily reminder of our commitment and obligation to love ourselves.

“This isn’t about waiting for the right one, it’s about you being the right one,” Powers said. “It’s one thing to think about yourself and say ‘I know I’m special’ but that doesn’t always last. When life throws you stuff that isn’t easy to deal with, you can [look at the ring and] remember, ‘I’m solid, I’m good, I’m worthy.'”

Powers and Levin came up with the idea to create the self-marriage kit after the passing of Powers’ mother four years ago. The couple hopes to create a movement of self-weddings with the kits, ultimately encouraging people to love themselves and one another better.

While the idea does seem a little laughable, we must admit there’s something to said about the idea of celebrating ourselves for who we are and where are in our present state.

So go ahead ladies and seal the deal with yourself and pronounce yourself loved!

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