Cheers to Giving No More Cares in 2017

I have this pesky little problem that for years I’ve been unable to shake; I care. Sounds innocent enough but I’m not talking about the cozy kind of caring that saves starving children in Africa. It’s the annoying, one hair that won’t get in formation when it’s time for your edges to lay, type of caring. That persistent, never leave your side, always there ‘til the end type of caring that follows you every beating second of the day to a degree that would make even Jiminy Cricket tap out.

It’s the type of caring that has left me pondering a 5-minute conversation days later wondering if my “hello” was misinterpreted as shade. The type of caring that immediately buries guys in my personal box of deplorables when they don’t respond to my text in less than the 3 minutes it takes for my Lean Cuisine to defrost in the microwave. The type of caring that keeps me constantly tugging at a mid-thigh dress because surely the world has stopped because I might, maybe, could have flashed a leg that has yet to be on a Serena level. The type of caring that often keeps my tongue hostage in order to spare the feelings of someone else. The type of caring that has starved me of fully appreciating my own successes because surely I could be doing more, loving more, hustling more, getting coins more, exercising more, blah blah blah. You see what I mean? I care way too much.

Ugh. Why do I care? Why have I cared? And more importantly, why did I care for so long? Let me Iyanla on the beat for a second. Beloveds, have you ever had a vision for your life — who you should be and what you should be doing, topped off with how everyone should feel about it — so strong that it consumes every part of you? #BodyGoals, #BaeGoals, #SquadGoals, #CareerGoals, #HairGoals, my gawd I’ve been a walking vision board for 28 years. I devoted so much time to attaining a wishfully constructed, social network approved vision of my life, versus living on solid ground, that somehow I glazed over the fact that my life is pretty awesome, my achievements are damn awesome and heck, I’m just pretty awesome in general.

Well that s**t is ending today. Life is too short to spend it in my thoughts wishing, hoping, thinking and doing other menial, non-productive, emotionally draining ish. It’s 2017. This year, and henceforth and forevermore, dreams will become do’s, cares will be cast to the wind, and any hints of doubt will be denied admission to my soul. This is the life I have to live and I plan to finesse the heck out of it; and you should too.

So cheers to giving no more f**ks about things we can’t control and futures that have yet to be written. Let’s Milly Rock into 2017 with nothing but positivity and a purpose-driven mind strapped to our backs. In case you need a little help beginning your journey to a worry free mind, hopefully these memes and affirmations will help.

1. Dreaming is great but at some point you have to wake up…and when your eyes open what happens next?

2. Write the vision and make it plain.

3. There is a path to your purpose.


4. If at first you don’t succeed…don’t panic, don’t freak out, don’t shut down…just try again.


5. Everyone won’t like you, which is great news because you don’t have to like everyone.  

6. In times of despair just remember…at least you have your edges.  

7. This is the beginning of anything you want

8. When you have no more f**ks to give. 

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