Easter Sunday Summarized in 17 Memes and GIFs

If you’re remotely familiar with church life, then you know Easter Sunday is basically the Superbowl of Sunday mornings. Ushers in formation, overflow chairs ready, choir robes pressed and nurses on high alert in the event radical praise breaks, it’s a lot. And if you’re a church kid like myself, you’re here for every crowded, bedazzled, drawn out Easter play minute of it. So, in celebration of Resurrection Sunday and in honor of every Church Mother who will rock a sequined lap cloth this Sunday, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Easter Sunday memes and GIFs.

1. When you’re trying to find the perfect church outfit.


2. When the church ushers dare you to not sit where they tell you.



3. When you leave your seat for ONE second and someone tries to take your spot.


4. When the choir starts to sing “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power.”


5. That one kid who refused to even attempt to memorize his lines for the Easter play.

 Easter Speeches


6. The pastor enters the sanctuary like…


7. Now slay.

Easter outfit


8. When the choir gets brand new and busts out choreography on Easter Sunday.


9. Real tears are shed.

church seat


10. When your First Lady did not come to play you hoes. 

church first lady meme


11. When you’re pleasantly surprised that the person who never led a song has a solo on Easter Sunday and they’re actually not bad.


12. It’s the little things. 

Getting an Easter basket


13. When the church parking lot is on fleek.



14. Stranger danger is real. 



15. When the pastor is all about collecting them coins. 



16. When the pastor sets the atmosphere off with one classic line…

Church easter Sunday


17. And when you spend all morning on your makeup, only to leave church service like this. 

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