Episode 3: We Should Always Record with Wine

Yo, GaGa, we’re really happy for you and we’re going to let you finish, but Beyoncé is pregnant…with twins. Black History Month, you may now enter.

This week on “Alter Call” Chevonne and Ronny are talking sex, Oprah, Rock n’ Roll and the black history that is Beyoncé.

So grab your headphones, turn up your speakers and join us at the alter.

About @iRonTheworld and @MesSoChevy

Ronny Oppong is a fashion influencer, image consultant and pop culture maverick who always has the inside to the latest brands, styles and jet-setting trends. A true Renaissance man, Ronny has has featured collaborations with Adore Colour, VOGUE University, VOGUE India, ASOS, Victoria’s Secret, and many more brands. His work as a global citizen lends an infectious and everlasting impression with every encounter. The Ohio State University alumn says “Dream with your eyes open and see all great things will accomplish.”    

Chevonne Harris is a lover of all things pop culture and Oprah. She is an unapologetic subscriber to the book of Beyonce and the creator of AdoreColour.com. Her work has appeared on Buzzfeed, Jezebel.com, EBONY magazine, The Huffington Post, Clutch Magazine and more. She’s a proud Northwestern University alumna and firmly believes life would be much better if lived to “Songs in the Key of Life.”

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