#FashionFail: Meet Skinny, Naked, Screaming Oprah

By Chevonne Harris–

Now that Halloween has passed you would think white people have met their quota of dressing as black folks. Well according to one designer, apparently there are a few more slots to fill.

For her latest project, concept designer Peggy Noland, a Kansas City designer who has worked with Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, has a created an outrageous line of T-shirts and dresses featuring various images of Oprah’s head Photoshopped onto naked, various sized African-American female bodies ranging from “skinny” and “average” to “obese.” If that wasn’t enough, on each garment Lady O was given an absurd facial expression, including a smug grin decked-out in KISS make-up.

See the NSFW designs below.

Photo courtesy of Peggy Noland.

Photo courtesy of Peggy Noland.

Noland describes her work as “white trash meets high class,” and says the designs were inspired by an ‘80s painting of former Chicago mayor Harold Washington who is depicted wearing only women’s lingerie. The garments are also meant to show “how ridiculous the fashion industry is at times.”

“For me, it originated as kind of the age old [red] carpet question: Who are you wearing? And this clearly is: You’re wearing Oprah instead of a designer… one of Oprah’s most effective qualities is that she’s a placeholder, she’s a stand-in for you with her foibles and her failures — especially with her public weight issues.”

I get the making a statement on the superficiality of the fashion industry thing, but reducing the most powerful black women in media to a “placeholder” on a T-shirt and maxi dress is a whole other thing.

Whether it’s Lily Allen surrounded by bikini clad black women, or some Midwestern, hipster designer, I don’t know why the objectification of black women’s bodies and stripping us of any sort of depth and character traits, continues to be a trending topic.

But I digress. Despite my frustrations at the foolery and pure ignorance, I’ll rest assured knowing this is one item that will not be on Lady O’s list of favorite things.

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