Hey ‘Lucky’ Magazine, What Did You Do to Kerry Washington?


Photo courtesy of Lucky Magazine.

Photo courtesy of Lucky Magazine.

By Chevonne Harris–

I didn’t think it was possible for head Gladiator Kerry Washington to look anything less than fabulous, but after checking out the latest issue of Lucky magazine, I’m starting to rethink a lot of things in life.

In what may be one of the biggest #PhotoshopFails of the year, the December/January issue of the mag features Washington as its cover girl, and let’s just say she looks way less than her best (and we know her best is pretty dope).

From the overly blown hair, winter wonderland makeup juxtaposed by the sleeveless sheer dress, to the awkward lighting and pose, the cover is wrong on several levels.

Let’s start with the face, which due the strangely positioned lighting, ages the 36-year-old actress by about 10 years and distorts her features. Then there’s the hunchback, concaved arms, “this is how models do it…I think” pose that has the Scandal star eerily lunging at the camera. Top it off with the heavy eye concealer and the Superman-esque scarf, and you’ve got a problem not even the sheer Dior frock can fix.

Poor editing aside, Washington seems to be pleased with the photo, at least publicly.  Less than an hour after the cover was unveiled yeater, she tweeted the image with the caption, “WOOO HOOO!” and even made the cover her Twitter avatar.

So hey, if Olivia Pope is cool with looking like Frosty the Snowman’s choking, middle-aged girlfriend, I guess we can be too.

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