How You Doin’? Wendy Williams Tells Public Yes, This IS Her Body

The camera must add 10 pounds because who knew talk show host Wendy Williams was working with this underneath her stilettos and trademark lacefronts

Photo Credit: Wendy Williams

Photo Credit: Wendy Williams


Williams posted the photo below on Instagram earlier this week with the message, “I know it’s FREEZING, but I’ll be BACK TOMORROW with all NEW SHOWS and JUICY, JUICY#HOTTOPICS…get ready…I AM!!! Happy New Year!”

Shortly after posting the photo fans took to social media saying they didn’t believe the photo was actually her.

Well the 49-year-old mother has set the record straight once and for all. On her talk show yesterday she explained how she keeps so slim and trim and that the public just isn’t used to seeing her “that way.”

According to Wendy, healthy eating, frequent exercising, a vacay wig and strategic posing are the tricks to her fabulous body. Oh, and the tattoo etched across her torso? A clever trick to disguise a her tummy tuck scar.

Looking good, Ms. Wendy.


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