Little Black Book 2.0: Rate Your Guy With LuLu App

Photo courtesy of LuLu.

Photo courtesy of LuLu.

By Chevonne Harris–

So remember that guy who made you pay for dinner, spent the evening checking out other girls, or hinted at sex way too much? Well you no longer have to air your frustrations under the guise of passive-aggressive Facebook postings because there’s now an app for that.

Created by Alexandra Chong, LuLu allows women to rate men in the following categories — ex-boyfriend, crush, together, hooked-up, friend or relative.

From the good (#CharmedMyPantsOff and #AlwaysPays) to the bad (#WorldsWorstMassages) and downright laughable (#Manscaped), the app syncs with your Facebook account and allows women to add hashtags that eventually calculate a guy’s score on a scale of 1 to 10.

I downloaded the app a few days ago and personally I think it’s pretty cool. Although I’d like to see more of brothas rated on LuLu, it gets the job done. Think of it as that girlfriend who knows everyone’s business. Reading the hashtags are also a good way to pass the time and a surefire laugh. My personal favorites are #GoneByMorning, #SnuggleMachine and #ManChild.

So fellas beware and treat your women right because hell hath no fury like a women scorned and armed with this app.

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