So Michael B. Jordan Won’t Respect You if You Sleep With Him on the First Date


Attention ladies: if you ever nab a date with Fruitvale Station cutie Michael B. Jordan, keep your legs closed.

The 27-year-old actor, who is single and describes himself as “old school,” said he’s attracted to women with a sense of humor and who are “comfortable in the kitchen,” recently told Glamour he will not respect a woman who has sex with him on the first date, stating the following:

No. No. Maybe…but a little less.”


While I admire Jordan’s honesty and that he’d at least prefer to wait until the second date to bang his chicks, I really thought we were past the good girls wait [X] days. Personally, I don’t condone first-date sex for the simple fact that I think we should have some type of emotional bond beyond an entrée to our dates. But hey, if a girl wants to get it in, who are we to judge her, especially if her one-nighter is with a budding movie star.

I also wonder why men tend to get escape this question. Maybe I care if my date if my date sleeps with me too soon.

But I digress.

Consider yourself warned girls because this is one celeb you’ll have to put your nice panties on hold for.

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