Need to Know Your STD Status? There’s an App for That

Founder Ramin Bastani’s Hula profile. (Photo: Hula)

Founder Ramin Bastani’s Hula profile. (Photo: Hula)

Ever wonder if your current or prospective sexual partner has taken a recent trip to the clinic?

A new app, Hula, sends test results directly from the doctor to your smartphone. The app also includes the date of your last testing and a user-reviewed database for STD testing clinics.

Founded by CEO Ramin Bastani and currently available on the Android, Google Play and App Store, developers hope the app will ease the stigmas of STD testing while expanding the conversation of sexual health.

“The status quo is if you and I meet and you ask me if I’ve been tested, the instant response is, ‘Of course I have,’ and I’m offended,” he said.

A selling point for the app is its inability to alter results after they’ve been provided to clinics and physicians. The app also displays the amount of time that’s elapsed since a user’s last testing in case you or your partner decide it’s time for a check-up.

Hula is currently compiling a database of testing clinics throughout the country, collecting the names and information of roughly 100 clinics per week and verifying them one by one. After a user finds a clinic and gets tested, he or she can request through Hula (via a touchscreen finger signature) that the results be delivered directly through the app. This is thanks to HIPAA, which allows patients to give permission to have their test results delivered through a third party.

“We want to bring transparency to the STD testing world,” Bastani said in an interview with Betabeat. “We want to make STD testing suck less.”

Indeed, knowing you can get it on without the fear of catching gonorrhea in the morning does not suck.


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