Before You Quit Your Job, Read This

We’ve all been there — imagining ourselves twerking our way out of our employer’s door, sending a few “F-you” emails, telling Suzanne in the adjacent cubicle her Hot Pockets and Diet Coke can go to Hades, and leaving it all behind for something that’s hopefully bigger and better.

But before you give your boss the ultimate deuces and make your “I quit” dance video for the world to see, there are a few things you may want to consider first.

Who Else Gets a Say?

For those of us flying solo, there aren’t many folks we need to confer with when opting to sporadically change careers other than our dang selves. Now if you’re married or economically attached to another person, the rules change a little bit. Not only is it a little rude to severe one-half of the household’s income without proper notice, it’s also not in good taste to leave your partner out of the major-life-decision-making process. Following your passion is great, but leaving your family without electricity; well, not so much.

Do You Have Student Loans?

If you’re a recent grad (or not-so-recent grad), you probably have student loans. If you feel yourself getting the “I may quit my job tomorrow” itch, call your loan provider to make adjustments to your payment plan. If you pay on your loans regularly, chances are your loan provided will work with you. You may also qualify for an income-based plan, which means lower monthly payments and more Ramen.

Are You Burning Bridges?

Unless you’ve hit the lottery or invented Facebook 2.0, chances are you’re going to be looking for a job again so try to leave on a good note. Word on the street spreads pretty quickly and you won’t don’t want to gain an industry rep as the person with the sloppy exit. While it makes for a great Facebook post, you’re a grown up, and that means you have to do grown up things. Yes your boss is a jerk, but if his or her name listed as a reference will help you land your next gig, try to give a two weeks notice.

Are You Helping Your Bosses Help You?

Would a promotion, change in your responsibilities or not working with certain co-workers make you less antsy to quit? Closed mouths don’t get fed so open your mouth and make your demands! You can’t knock your boss for contributing to your misery if they don’t know your’re freaking miserable. You’d be surprised what a difference a conversation can make.

What’s Your Savings Look Like?

So you’ve just wrapped your “You can’t fire me, I quit!” speech and set off into the 2PM sun to begin your new life. Well that new life can be quite expensive without a steady paycheck and there’s no greater reality check than planning your next move on the sofa of your parent’s living room. Ask yourself, if I lost or quit my job today, could I survive on my own for six months? If the answer is no, start saving. If the answer is yes, keep saving. Financial planners advise people to save about six to twelve months of expenses factoring in credit cards, loan payments, transportation, food, rent/mortgage and the “what if” costs. Save yourself a lot of headaches and a little bit of dignity by cutting costs now and saving up while you can.

Are You Following Your Passion?

Don’t let your awesome exit strategy be in vain. Use your courage to quit your job as a springboard to finally do something you love. You’ve won half the battle, now win the war and really throw it in your bosses face by finally living your best life. It also goes without saying that living your passion ain’t no crystal stair; it’s hard work and not for the faint and futile. Whatever dream you plan to pursue, be prepared to put in the work to make it happen.

Are You Prepared to Step Out on Faith?

While it’s great to plan ahead, sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and just do it. It won’t be easy and at times it won’t be fun, but hey, you’re happiness is worth it.

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