Slay, Stun and Serve #BlackGirlMagic on a Budget

slay-stun-serve #blackgirlmagic

During my first quarter of grad school at Northwestern (yes, I’m name-dropping), I received a pretty hefty reimbursement check. Hefty as in, I could of and should of saved a little bit, bought my momma something nice, paid off a few bills, invested in whatever and tithed beyond my normal $20 (somewhere in life I had convinced myself $20 was the magic number to put me just above the $1 saints and modest enough to not break my collegiate bank account, but hopefully still enough to get me into heaven because well, I tried. God is still working on me ya’ll) type of check.

So to Saks and Bloomingdales I went, because that’s where people who look good shop, right? No, Ms. Sophia! No, Ms. Sophia No!

Fast forward three hours and too many swipes of my debit card later, and alone I sat surrounded by Ugg boots, Diesel jeans, Sunday skirts, designer bags, and tracks of my tears as the realization that my educated self had spent the equivalent of a down payment on a car on stuff. Consider this my PSA for the day; don’t ever do this. Like ever. The humility of driving back to four department stores to return your items to the same once friendly but now judgy-eyed cashier who gets to think higher of herself for 10 minutes after realizing your once stunting a$$ was never supposed to here, is reason enough to stay in your Target lane, if that’s in fact where God intended for your current situation to be.

You see, the way my bank account is set-up, it no longer supports thoughtless, posing-like, had no business being apart of my lifestyle in the first place, purchases. Being broke while rocking a Marc Jacobs tote bag and Tory Burch flats isn’t fun and it isn’t what God intended for our lives. The heck I will reach inside my $1,000 bag and come out with lint and thoughts of a dollar bill.

So, to help you live life, and live it fabulously yet within your means, Adore Colour solicited two of our favorite fashionistas and stylists, Elyse Jones (@cuttingedjstylist) and Ronny Oppong (@iRonTheWorld), to give their tips and tricks on affordable, staple wardrobe pieces to help you slay while you save.

Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Neck…with a Turtleneck


Much like the story of the tortoise and the hare, this long necked garment often goes overlooked or down played when in reality it’s the wardrobe must-have to get you across fashion’s finish line.

The turtleneck’s versatility stretches beyond any standalone article of clothing. With fall officially here, try pairing your turtleneck with an A-line or pencil skirt. Still want to wear that fun sleeveless dress? Throw it on top of the turtleneck. As the weather gets more frigid, pair a thicker turtleneck with a blazer and tapered trousers for a sophisticated and cozy look.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize


You need understated jewelry. Yes you read it right, understatement jewelry. You know that piece you wear from morning until night? The piece that makes you feel naked if you forget to put it on? Studs, hoops, chains or rings; whether gold or silver, classic and simple jewelry pieces are great, inexpensive ways to up the ante on your wardrobe.

Layer Up


  • Carry a Cardigan: A must-have for a layered effect, a cardigan is an any-season must-have. Pair it with a fitted pencil skirt for the office or button it up over a classic white tee and pair of jeans for the weekend.
  • Tailored Blazer: Every closet should have a tailored blazer that can be worn with jeans or over a cocktail dress. To keep it feminine, be sure the silhouette is fitted. For a more relaxed look, try an oversized blazer paired with skinny jeans and a simple tee or tank.
  • Tanks: Black, white, or multicolored; one can never have too many tanks. They are perfect additions to any outfit for any occasion.

Bottoms Up


  • Body Contiguous Denim: They go with everything. Enough said. Be sure to find a pair that fits you to a “T.”
  • Black Dress Pant: No excuses here. You’re a grown (or growing) woman and you need a go-to black dress or trouser pant.
  • Pencil or A-line Skirt:Interviews, meetings, or dinner parties: a tailored Pencil or A-line skirt is the perfect staple for looking both dressed up and sophisticated.

Every Little Step You Take…Must Be Fab


  • Ballet Flats: When a heel just won’t do, a ballet flat always does the trick. It’s sexy, fun, sporty and chic, and works with just about any outfit.
  • Black or Nude Heels: Whether pumps, boots or a bootie, a good pair of black or nude heels will last you a lifetime. Whether you’re headed to the office, going to a wedding or a night out with the girls, these heels are must have.
  • Running Shoes: We have all had that one experience when you decided to explore a new city wearing flip-flops and by the end of the night the lack of support from walking on ½ inch foam footwear leaves you with swollen ankles and tender feet. Keep a good pair of stylish sneakers for travelling, sightseeing and overall comfort.

12507165_541583776003960_6037830251014533309_nFor more fashion tips follow Elyse Jones on Instagram at @cuttingEDJstylist and Facebook /cuttingEDJstylist for more fashion tips. 

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