So Juanita Bynum Said Women Who Don’t Wear Pantyhose to Church are ‘Hoes’

Attention all church “hoes,” prospective and current, Juanita Bynum is not here for you; at all.

In a YouTube video posted earlier this month, the televangelist, gospel singer and self-proclaimed Prophetess went on a complete tirade about the wardrobe choices of women in the church, specifically Praise and Worship leaders who decide to minister sans pantyhose and with a decent amount of lotion on their legs. Here’s the condensed version.

I can’t even get to the concept of somebody preaching, and leading praise and worship with no stockings on; with thongy, stringy shoes on, with your legs all greased up. What kind of message are you are trying to send us? Because to me, that [looks] like somebody that got a hoe spirit; that ain’t purged out in God. And any minute you can go over in a corner to a Deacon and just raise your dress up and hit it right there in the corner because you don’t even have draws on.

Welp, guess I’ve been tricking since the 9th grade because Lord knows I rarely check for pantyhose. An opaque tight, sure, but Ultra Sheer size B pantyhose thinner than Naomi Campbell’s hairline and always a shade away from my true skin tone, I’m good bruh. And why shade the women of God who chose to moisturize their legs? Shea butter had nothing to do with this and I wish my Praise and Worship leader would stand in front of the church to hype it and her legs are the same color as leftover fried chicken flour dust.

The video gets better. A few minutes later Bynum then wages war against the Saints who opt to worship without the proper undergarments, saying:

…There’s a time and a place for it all. And Sunday morning service is not a time to show us our nipples and your titties. That’s not the time to do it…Where is your bra? How are you coming to church on a Sunday morning to worship God and you have no bra on.

First off, if you do nothing else with your day please watch this video, beginning at the 17:00 mark. Something about the Reverend, Doctor, Prophetess Bynum yelling “titties” and “vagina print” just delights my spirit to no end. And what church has members flashing nipples and titties during service? I’m curious to know how exactly this works.

While Bynum does make some valid points about the need for spiritual leaders to not distract from their worship and ministering with their physical appearance, this has misogyny written to and through it. Why is it that the burden of eliminating sexual temptation in the church falls solely on the women of the church? Of course no one should be ministering with a titty hanging out or “jiggly parts” everywhere, but can we also advise the men to keep their mind stayed on Jesus? I’m all for a modest swag in the church but I also know that righteousness and sexiness can coexist quite well.

But I digress.

Moral of the story, use your lotion with modesty and keep your titties in line ladies. Oh, and go watch this video and be prepared for a good laugh.


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