Things Every Natural Girl Should Do in 2014

 Hair-1By Chevonne Harris–

In doing my annual “what I hope to accomplish in 2014” mental checklist, I noticed something was missing from my list. No, not reading my daily affirmations or vowing to complete a 5k, but something far more important; my hair. With each new year we vow to improve our weight, love life and nearly every other facet of our lives so exclude our tresses? We see and touch it everyday (along with the rest of the world) and if you’re anything like me, if the curls ain’t right, it has the potential to affect your entire day. So, to make sure your 2014 ends in complete tresses triumph we’ve compiled a list of things to add to your ‘do checklist.

Try to Trust Your Stylist

They’re a professional and believe it or not they’ve made a career out of studying hair; even something similar to yours. While YouTube videos, hot oil treatments, and trail and error have taught us well, take a leap of faith and see what the professionals can do; they just might surprise you. Besides there’s nothing worse than a botched DIY trim job.

Switch Up Your Protective Style

Twists, sew-ins, box braids, the list goes on. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into a mess bun on “break” days. Half the fun of being natural is the ability to change our hair with each blow of the wind.

Master the Wash and Go

This one is personal. It goes without saying that the wash and go isn’t really a wash and go. It’s more like a wash, condition, detangle, moisturize, twist, wait a few hours, untwist, diffuse, moisturize and go. But it would be nice to one day step out of the shower and 20 minutes later, voila, my hair is ready for the world.

Try a New Style WITHOUT YouTubing it First

What was natural life like before YouTube? You know your hair better than anyone else. Yes, tutorials are helpful, but intuition and a little creativity can be just as rewarding. Clear your calendar, grab some bobby pins, your favorite styling gel and see what happens.

Don’t Always Get Up And Go

This one shouldn’t be that hard because as most naturalistas know, rarely do we ever get up, fluff the ‘fro and go about our day. Make an effort each day to show your hair some TLC and put its best strand forward.

Try a Natural Meet-up

Never underestimate the power of trying something new or swapping hair secrets with 20 or so other natural-haired women. Meet-ups are a great girls’ night out and a splendid way to learn new hair tips. They also usually have great sample goodies.

Step Your Hair Accessory Game Up

Yes Goody hair ties and bobby pins are our closest friends, but their are a ton of quirky hair accessories waiting to infiltrate the clique. Whether it’s a designer scarf or studded hair clip, don’t be afraid to experiment this year.

Get Creative with Your Updos

High buns don’t technically constitute as updos. Find a good tutorial and push yourself to the limits of creativity with a new updo. Incredibly chic and compatible with just about every outfit, updos are great protective styles that can be dressed up or down. Oh, and make sure to have plenty of bobby pins on reserve.

Don’t Compare Your Hair

It’s YOUR hair. No matter how meticulous you twist, tease or pray to the hair gods, it’ll never be Elle Varner, Leela James, Taren Guy or any other natural chick out there. It’s time to learn and love your hair.  Besides, you’re natural; what’s not to love!

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