‘Tis the Season: Our Holiday Gift Guide for Every Friend

It’s that time of the year. The final paycheck before Christmas has or will be arriving, and it’s time to get those last minute gifts. Not sure what to buy for favorite BFFs? We’ve got you covered. From the workaholic to the dirt-cheap chicka, check out our budget-friendly top picks for every friend on your list.

The Naturalista

Natural girls are self-admitting product junkies so finding the perfect curly cream or hair lotion that your friend will actually use can be quite the challenge. Try a good shampoo or conditioner (sulfate free) or wrap towel. Though picky when it comes to products, nine times out of ten they’ll be happy with a good brush/comb set, hair accessory or hair care book.

Natural Gifts 

The Naughty Girl

Unless it’s a Bachelorette party, buying a dildo or lingerie for anyone other than yourself and your man may be a little weird. For any friend who is a very freaky girl, a good sex game or book is always welcomed. Gag gifts are also fun along with gift cards to a local sex shop or toy store.

 Naughty Girl

The Workaholic

Functionality and practicality are key for this friend. “Unwind” is not in their vocabulary and chances are they won’t make the Christmas party, but the right stylish and efficient gift can make all the difference in their fast-paced life. Try a desk or travel accessory, funky iPad case, or a cute pair of flats for late nights at the office.

Workaholic gifts

The Weight Watcher

Cakes, sweets or anything chalked full of glutton and corn syrup are out of the question. Go for a Groupon to a fitness class or gym membership, workout accessories or cute kitchen accessories.

 Fitness Gifts

The Frugal Friend

Christmas is the most expensive time of the year and you can bet your bottom dollar this friend isn’t going above a $20 limit for you so don’t break your bank account on this one. While not the most sentimental, gift cards are great to receive. Beauty items or something handmade also works. Got a couple hours to spare? Go thirfting for a unique piece of jewelry or handbag and pass it off as “vintage.”

 Cheap Gifts

The Newlywed

A couple’s first Christmas together is kind of a big deal so go for the heartstrings here. Chances are this friend is spending most of her time sexing her man and decorating the new place so personalized décor like scented candles, throw blanks and picture frames are always big hits.


The Pet Lover

They love their pet more than life itself so it’s only natural the focus of the gift is on the animal. Pet parents love to be reminded of their animal so keep it simple with calendars, collars and leashes, and gourmet treats.

Pet Love

The Fashionista

If it blings, sparkles and is something most of the world will never find, chances are they’ll love it. Try unique items like leather and rabbit headphone/earmuff combo or hair accessories. There are also some of the few people who will cherish a good coffee table book.

Gucci headphones

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