To Everyone Feeling Some Type of Way on Valentines Day

This one goes out to the broken-hearted, the lonely ones, the single ladies and the f**kbois with no one to love. The I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T chicks who for 364 days a year don’t mind a baeless lifestyle because the grind is that real. The fatally flawed individual who has yet to realize why they can’ get or keep a man (or woman), the church girl contemplating attending the Singles Ministry mixer in the fellowship hall, the husband who doesn’t see the importance in celebrating a day of love and the asexual forty-something female struggling to convince herself today is just another day. This one goes out to everyone with no one or a someone, but still not “the one.” This one goes out to you.

Yes it’s Valentines Day and you very well may be spending your Tuesday evening sorting laundry and watching Being Mary Jane (which is a highly productive night btw), but that’s no reason to take a vacation in your feelings. So before you drown completely in your emotions pondering your love drought, here are a few things to keep in mind on Cupid’s day.

You still have your edges (hopefully).

It could always be worse. You could have to eat this.

I don’t know who decided that jamming marshmallows inside of a pink bird made completely of corn fructose and leftover glitter from Prince’s closet was cute but can someone find them and mush them. Peeps, those chalk stick flavored Valentine’s Day candies with Iggy Azalea rap lyrics written on them, whip cream in strange places — if you’re flying solo today, be thankful you don’t have to put any of these items anywhere near your body. Who’s really eating gummy panties anyway? Surely all of that gelatin can’t be healthy for a person’s digestive system.

Oh and newsflash men, boys to men and anyone else whose V-Day gift was sponsored by Walgreens, no one is putting a 5lb chocolate heart bigger than a Kardashian booty anywhere inside of their body. And if they are, please note they are not the one, and if they are the one, that spot you like to kiss on their neck will forever reek of Kit-Kats and you have no one to blame but yourself.

Make gym bae

When in doubt just sweat. Not only will working out boost your endorphins and your stank attitude, it will also keep you snatched as cuffing season comes to a close.

What if, just maybe, God was saving a super duper, top-notch someone just for you?

I don’t what you came to do, but I came to find a love that’s worth waiting for. The type of love that when it comes, you’re mature enough, wise enough, confident enough and grateful enough to fully receive every bit of it. That can’t eat, can’t sleep, Barack and Michelle, Oliva Pope and Fitz circa season 2 type of love. The type of love that will have you unbothered when you climb into the bed with fresh twists because you know he loves you that much to even care (and he recognizes that in 24-hours you and your hair will be slaying). The type of love that will have you testifying to the next single sistah to just wait it out because when it happens, it’s oh so right and worth every minute of the wait.

Cheer up Charlie. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is bae. And truth be told, if Facebook statuses could talk, I’m sure they would say something along the lines of “you know those flowers he delivered to her job? Well they’re from Kroger and are a make-up gift for him spending the night over his baby mom’s.

Get up, get out and get something.

But for real, do something. Dinner with the girls, movie night, Target wandering, a massage, whatever is your outing of choice just get out. Just because you’re a team of one doesn’t mean you get to sulk in your loneliness. You’re cooler than that. Today is all about love so why not love yourself, or grandma, or a puppy, or several shots of Tequila.

When all else fails, have a drink…or several.

Listen, I strongly believe in the healing pours of a bottle of Moscato or two Long Islands. They’ve changed my life and they can change yours. Have a drink, #NetflixAndChill, go to bed tipsy, wake up on Feb. 15 and get back to life.

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