Top Secular Songs Turned Churchy

What is it about black folks that we are biologically compelled to put our spin on every, single, wasn’t-even-thinking-about-us, thing. From The Wiz to Sizzurp, we are a people who value the remix, particularly when it comes to our praise and worship. Let the song have a baseline and mild mainstream success, and there’s a good chance it will be harmonized and revamped for Sunday morning.

I blame you Kirk Franklin. You gave us a “Stomp,” we vibed to it at the gospel skate and never looked back. So for those of you who think that gospel music has gone too far, here are some of my favorite secular turned salvation songs.

P.S. Now whether these songs are even good or have ever actually saved a soul is debatable. Personally, it’s hard for me to catch the Holy Ghost to the melody of “Sexual Healing” but hey, that’s just me.


Jesus Died for You – Trey McLaughlin & SOZ Prince Joint

Inspired by “I Would Die for You”, Prince 

I can’t lie, this song had me hooked in the first 10 seconds courtesy of the classic choir, let’s get hype before the song even starts, turn-up session. Side Note: I’ll never believe in you or your choir if you don’t do this and follow it by a 1 and 2 clap.


Happy – Adam & Kid

Inspired by “Happy” by Pharrell

I really tried to watch this and not smile. I failed miserably.


Drunk in the Spirit – Mz. Lyrik

Inspired by “Drunk in Love” by Beyonce

Ugh. There’s so much wrong here and I’m not even counting hair and fashion. Let’s start with the fact that the translation of “surf boardt” to “serve the Lord” was never, like ever, meant to be.


Work – Singer Unknown

Inspired by “Work” by Rihanna 

Watch at your own risk because this will never leave your head. I’m a living witness. 


Hotline Bling Remix – Singers Unknown

Inspired by “Hotline Bling” by Drake

Jesus is on the mainline and depending on your current disposition, this could have you deep in worship. While most of the gospel turned worldly songs are catchy at best, there are a few hidden gems that have the potential to leave you emersed in your feelings. Case in point, this. 


Love Songs – Bishop Lester Love

Inspired by every song your momma played on Saturday morning when she was cleaning the house 

While the Bishop can sing, I can’t help but wonder if the congregation is worshipping or having a “that’s my song” moment. There’s a fine line. 

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