Two Tweets That Went Very Wrong This Week


Leave it Twitter to turn generally non-laughing social matters into pervasively light-hearted trending topics. For the past few days, the blogosphere has been roaring over Twitter users’ seemingly lack of sensitivity and blind eye to what is considered PC these days.

Viral Rape Joke

We missed the memo that said rape is funny now. We’re not sure how it started, or why it even started, but somehow a “joke” about women being raped quickly became a trending topic. The tweet read:

“Why are girls so scared of rape? Y’all should feel pride that a guy risked his life in jail just to f**k you.”

It goes with saying that the tweeps were not happy with the statement. Shortly after the tweet began circulating, the backlash poured in with people blasting users who retweeted the message. One user wrote, “Congrats! You just went down in Internet history as a complete ignorant idiot. Quick! Go tell ur friends ur internet famous.”

The Tumblr blog “F**king Rape Culture,” published the names of Twitter users who shared the joke. “None of these people will mind at all if you hit them in the face with a spade,” the blog creator wrote. “After all, it’s flattering that you’re risking jail to hit them.”



The outpour of positivity and online love spurred by BET’s “Black Girl’s Rock!” broadcast must have rubbed some people the wrong way. As the hashtag #BlackGirlsRock was trending during the show, another interesting hashtag soon appeared — #WhiteGirlsRock.

Apparently quite a few people found the celebration of a historically disenfranchised group of people to be racist, as the #BlackGirlsRock hashtag seemingly excludes other ethnicities from rocking.

Maybe I’m missing a page in my history book, but if we look at the stats, the figures clearly show that white girls have being rockin’ for quite some time now. They rock in Hollywood, they rock in the workforce, they rock in approved mortgage loan applications, and they particularly rock during Fashion Week. Any more rocking and we’ll be auditioning for the next sequel of “The Help.”

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