Umm, Yeah Saints, B. Slade is Coming for Ya’ll

*checks watch*

It looks like B. Slade has about four of his 15 minutes left so I’ll be brief. In summary, Saints, he’s coming for you. And not a sneak up on you type of coming for you, he’s Milly Rocking across the pulpit during the morning announcements coming for you.

On Tuesday, the singer, formerly known as Tonéx (remember that song “Make Me Over?” That’s him.), released “Conversation,” a diss track best described as the ultimate clap back to black parishioners everywhere.

Set to Beyonce’s “Formation” instrumental, the song fires multiple shots at members of the black community who criticized B. Slade’s recent performance and attire at Love Center Ministries in Oakland, CA during a tribute concert honoring Kurt Carr and Lynette Hawkins-Stephens.

“Y’all haters corny with that ‘He needs deliverance/Check out your choir stand, they all need deliverance/Attack my character but half of y’all closeted/Now gospel sucks because ensembles snatched the choir robes/But if I dress like Prince & Michael I’m a homo/Been acting shady since that interview I did with Lexi/I heard B. SLADE was a fag…FAG”

The shade of it all.

First thing’s first. While I appreciate B. Slade’s artistic expression and devotion to the color black, the outfit is a lot for a church service no matter how progressive your praise is. I’m all for come as you are and an individual’s right to slay within their own mind, but sir we’re in pencil skirts, button-ups and prayer cloths while you stroll in fresh off of Atlanta Fashion Week looking like a Beyhive inspired, Etsy cake topper donned in Deacon Johnson’s favorite Bible Study hat. YES, WE’RE TAKEN ABACK.

How can I receive a word from you’re A and B selection when your wardrobe and James Brown shuffle are blocking the view of my praise? It’s cool, I didn’t need deliverance tonight anyway. On the Brightside, at least I perfected my Nae Nae during service.

But I digress.

Attire aside, kudos must be given to B. Slade for voicing what I presume many in the black gay community have wanted to say (and likely have said behind closed doors) to the church since forever. Considering the black church’s torrid relationship with homosexuality, the man has a right to be angry at the hypocrisy of churchgoers coming for him when Pastor So and So’s side chick No. 2 is chilling in the fourth pew. If I were a gay man in the black church, “Conversation” would be my Facebook status everyday.

“Alto’s sleeping with the drummer now she back at the altar. Alto’s sleeping with the bass player now she back at the altar. Pastors trying to get my number in the lobby right after. You don’t know the price that I paid for my box of Alabastor.”

Despite the hoopla, there’s a silver lining — B. Slade has vowed to continue the slayage and take the high road, saying he’ll “pray for my haters” and “I’m anointed with my shoulder pads and my snatched waist and y’all hate it.”

Oh. Do we now?

Fix it Jesus.

Listen to the full track here.

Weigh in and tell us what you think of B. Slade’s new track?

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