We’re All Here for Pregnant Angela Simmons

I’m a Gemini which means life with me is a roller coaster. Since whenever, I’ve always had this notion that when I become pregnant my will to can will eventually shrivel and die for a few months, leaving me with nothing but my MuMus, burgers, hormonal breakdowns and hopefully a beyond patient husband.

Basically, this.


Then along came Angie (in my head we’re friends on a nickname basis) and her love on top. I’ve always been a fan of the swagged out fashionista and socialite but lately Ms. Simmons has been shutting down the Mommy-to-be game with her belly-popping fashions and workouts. Despite the hoopla surrounding Simmon’s baby daddy and the carriage before the marriage, Simmons seems to be taking it in all in stride and slaying along the way. Here’s a few of our favorite looks.






*All photos courtesy of Instagram.com/AngelaSimmons

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