What We Learned About Love & Sex in 2013

What’s  left to say about 2013 besides waving farewell to “ratchet,” twerking and wedge sneakers? Well, quite a bit, most notably the country’s growing appetite for sex. From Justin Beiber’s apparent love of international prostitutes to Miley Cyrus’ public fling with a foam finger, 2013 was the clearly the year of the raging libido. Here’s our list of what we learned about love, relationships and everything between the sheets in 2013.

Sex is a Great Calorie Burner

If getting healthy is on your resolution list toss out the treadmill and grab yourself a man because apparently having sex is a the perfect cardio workout. In a study conducted by the University of Quebec at Montreal, researchers found that up to 57 minutes of sex can be quantified as “moderate exercise” equivalent to playing a round of tennis or walking uphill. Well there you have it folks. Get busy and hump away the pounds.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Are Big Time Freaks

From the limo to the kitchen, per Bey’s latest album these two can’t seem to keep their hands off each other and we’re not even mad. Although we’ve grown accustomed to Yonce being a “Naughty Girl,” we had no idea the queen of well, everything, would be so vocal about her man turning the cherry out. Drivers take note and roll up the partition please because we doubt these two are going to take a break anytime soon.

Need to Know Your STD Status, There’s an App for That

Not only can you check your timeline on your phone, you can also check your suitor’s STD status. Hula, released in 2013, is an app that sends test results directly from the doctor to your smartphone. The app also includes the date of your last testing and a user-reviewed database for STD testing clinics.

Despite What the Stats Say, Being a Single Black Woman Isn’t So Bad

Who says you need to be married by 30 with a baby in tow, and a beau of another of another race due to the supposed shortage of black men? Well not I, and apparently a lot of other smart people in 2013. Despite the [insert stat of the week] of successful, single black women, being partner-less is not a front row ticket to the end of the world. Contrary to popular belief there actually are some benefits to living an independent life and becoming your best you before finding a life-mate. Love comes when it’s ready and there is plenty of fun to be had while you’re waiting.

Anthony Weiner is Still a Hornball

Known as Carlos Danger in the after-hours cyber community, Anthony Weiner graced us this year with another penis pic and sexting scandal. While we weren’t the naughty politician had made a complete 180˚ back in 2011, the creepy message exchanges and photos confirmed what we all knew.

College is the Perfect Place to Find a Husband

Princeton alumna Susan Patton gave us gals a lesson in man catching when she wrote an open letter to the editor in the Daily Princetonian about the importance of nabbing a husband in college. While there is some truth in the fact that the world’s guy:girl ratio is probably at its peak on college campuses, it’s clear the waspy mother of two was stuck somewhere in the ‘50s clutching tightly to her tattered Princeton sweatshirt as she wrote the letter. Our conclusion; if you’re paying tens of thousands of bucks in annual tuition, spend your time hitting the books and not the football team.

Google Street View Can Be Detrimental to Your Outdoor Sex Life

Note to the freaky: Think twice before taking an adventurous romp on the countryside with your boo. An Australian couple rose to social media fame after Google Street view snapped an image of then appearing to have sex on the hood of a silver sedan. While there’s been some debate whether the photo (which is now censored) was staged, hoax or not, we think it’s hilarious nonetheless.

Morehouse Students Like to Get Naked for a Good Cause

Freshly greased athletes in the prime of their careers and physical prowess weren’t the only ones to flaunt their physiques across the pages of a magazine in 2013. In November Morehouse College’s student newspaper, The Maroon Tiger, released “The Body Issue” which features 30 students from Morehouse and the neighboring Spelman College who agreed to pose nude and share their stories of overcoming abuse, addiction, mental illness and other issues.

Sex Can Send You to the ER

In case you’re thinking of becoming abstinent, TLC’s four-part docu-series, “Sex Sent Me to the ER” is just what the doctor ordered to keep your lady bits on permanent lockdown. From a tons of fun lover sending his toothpick girlfriend to the ER, to an orgasm so powerful it temporarily paralyzed a man, the show uses interviews and eerie reenactments to document painful bedroom blunders and mishaps.

Thanks to MUA Box You Can Now Keep Your Sex Toy Stash Discreetly and Chicly Tucked Away

Thanks to entrepreneur Linda Bonilla you no longer have to worry about visitors stumbling upon your “goody” drawer. The MUA Box is a jewelry box-like wooden container with a removable, lubricant-resistance case to hide all your bedroom toys. Best part, it comes with a lock and even has a small slit in the back for charging toys. #Winning.



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