#RealTears: We Really Feel Bad for Nicki Minaj


You guys, I feel really bad for Nicki Minaj…really bad. Like, just washed and conditioned your hair only to realize you’re out of your favorite moisturizer and your hair dryer is broke bad. Like, you just made yourself the best pancakes ever and are out of syrup bad. Like, your mom just came across XXX pics of you on your phone and is now wrestling with the fact that her daughter may be a ho bad.

When I first heard “Wanna Know” my heart immediately went out to Nicki. I mean, you bring your boo onstage at the BET Awards, black music’s biggest night, tout your new love around like a Walmart shopper’s new Michael Kors bag, and send just enough freaky emails to deter him from groupie love, and he does this?!?! Start a Twitter beef, go MIA for almost a week and finally drops a response track where he’s resorted to claiming his foe was peed on in a movie theater. Which by the way is just nasty. And then, as if the public shaming wasn’t enough, he’s again laughed at again but this time by Will Smith and Kanye. Talk about kicking a brother when he’s down.

I’m no relationship expert, but it has to be frustrating to see your boo give it his all only to have White Castle laugh at you. But then again, at this point Meek is kinda the White Castle of the rap world right now so I guess it’s a full circle moment.

And so the real issue becomes what does Nicki do? Does she remain silent and let the boys battle out while going upside Meek’s head in the process? Or does she come to her man’s rescue and give a witty Tweet, post an IG pic of the two, or acknowledge the public humiliation in her next single. Whatever she does I really hope she isn’t the type to stroke her man’s ego when he’s down. I’m all for being supportive but when your man drops tracks like that, he doesn’t get tacos for dinner. Maybe a $1 fry if you’re stopping at McDonald’s on the way home, but nothing more. Especially when he has the audacity to try to make Ja Rule relevant again.

You see, it’s kinda like when you bring your boyfriend to couples night for the first time and he shows up in a Coogi sweater and a Kangol hat. He thinks he’s putting his best foot forward when in fact he’s shaming your good name by telling the word this is who you choose to spend your Saturday nights with.

No Nicki and Meek aren’t on the level of Bey and Jay, but they’re a solid hip-hop couple nonetheless which means they’re supposed to make one another better. If not in real life then at least on a superficial IG level. But when your supposed better half drops a track that has even Lil’ Mama chuckling and glad it’s not her this time, he’s officially pulled you down. Side Note: Until Meek learns how to rap again, I’ve vowed to always put Nicki’s name first.

Despite the fact that he’s the laughing stock of Eggland’s Best, maybe Nicki will find comfort in the fact that for once in his life, her man’s name was a trending topic and his SEO will forever soar. Besides it could be worse, Meek could be… *scratches head* hmm, ummm, never mind, this is the worst.

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