Why We All Need Head Shots Like Bruno Mars

Here I am taking my daily scroll through Instagram when I come across the latest round of JC Penny promotional studio shots courtesy of Bruno Mars. To say these are captivating is to say the least. Shot in front of an acid denim backdrop and strewn hay reminiscent of the hay located in the middle of the barn, these photos reminded me of why joy is a thing; because only pure joy would allow a man to hit his ultimate middle school poses in the back of a barn. It also reminded me of the time I posed my a$$ off in front of a Sears backdrop at the climatically awkward age of 16, in cropped knit sweater, flare leg jeans, mouth full of metal and the confidence of Bruno Mars before there was a Bruno Mars. I did it because I thought that what’s boss chicks do, and I’m sure that’s exactly what Bruno thought as well. Or maybe he thought this:

Can’t Nobody Take My Pride, Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down

Aye, That’s Actually My Toothbrush, Bruh


Hey Sis! Live Your Best Life!

Whatever it was, we all need some.

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