Words of Wisdom for Anyone Who Needs to Chill Out

I’m a creature of habit, sometimes to a fault. Like clockwork, about every three months I evaluate, then reevaluate my life, and come to the conclusion that I haven’t done enough — loved enough, saved enough, worked hard enough, lived enough, whatever it is, I haven’t done enough of it. And then I stop. Usually it’s with the help of cocktails and conversations with a close friend, but I eventually stop and remind myself that I will have it all, just not at the same time and definitely not today.

It’s amazing the pressures we put on ourselves to be great when we haven’t even defined what great is to us, or stopped to congratulate ourselves on the progress we’ve made thus far. You’re alive, your hair is laid, the baby weight could be worse, you made it to church, you survived another workweek and you opted for the Coke Zero at lunch. And if none of this makes a difference in your current situation, inhale, exhale and thank God. Life may not be perfect, but you have one.

So if only for a moment, give yourself a break from discovering your purpose and take some time to just be. Your rejuvenated self will thank you. Life is short and there are men to be had, drinks to be consumed and blessings to be absorbed.

So, in an effort reduce premature gray hair growth and stress weight everywhere, let’s all make a pledge to chill the f**k out. Need some help? Here are a few easy ways to start.

Remember, it’s okay to turn up.

Turn down for what? Life is stressful. But thankfully turning up has no age cap, therefore do it as often as needed.

Have a go-to spiritual ritual or routine.

Whether it’s a broken heel on your favorite pair of stilettos, a dissolved relationship or the loss of a loved one, in the rough times, and good, having a sacred spiritual place or routine to call your own is guaranteed to lighten your load. Church, a morning affirmation, a mediation space, a wall of Deepak Chopra quotes, or beginning and ending your day with a simple “thank you God,” find the time and a place to seek comfort, healing, guidance and peace.

Evaluate your support network.

First, ask yourself if you even have one. People enter and exit your life for a reason, and having trusted confidants you can go to in times of trouble, encouragement or to celebrate your successes is key. While you may be able to do it alone, you shouldn’t have to. Take a look around and see who’s truly on your side and make sure to use them.

Make a mistake and learn from it. Make the same mistake twice, well, you get a side eye.

Fool yourself once and let it pass. Fool yourself twice…

Take an occasional cheat day, but only if you’ve earned it.

I truly believe in the work hard, play harder motto. The grind can oftentimes get tough so make sure to take a break every once in a while. What’s the point of burning yourself out for 60+ hours each week if you’re too exhausted to reap the rewards of the hustle? Unfortunately we can’t have Chipotles, margaritas, and Nordstrom binges everyday, however the occasional “I don’t give a what” moment is always welcomed.

Pack your lunch; you’ll save a lot of money.

Meal prepping can be a pain if you’re tight on time, but when you’re tight on disposable income the struggle is that much more real. Besides, you’ll be amazed at all the things you can do with a bag of frozen chicken breasts.

Go easy on yourself, you’re allowed to have a bad day.

There’s no rule that says you have to be happy all of the time. Now too many back-to-back off-days is cause for concern, but every blue moon it’s okay to poke your lip out, take a break from adulting and drown your sorrows in Ben & Jerry’s.

Define what happiness is for you and ask yourself if you’re meeting the standards.

Happiness is subjective. While it may be beaches and Birkin bags for some, it may be a peaceful night’s sleep, steady income and the occasional girls’ nights in for you — and that’s okay. Take a moment and jot down 20 things that bring you joy, and ask yourself if you’re really doing them.

Celebrate your successes no matter how small they may seem.

Worked out today, organized your closet, saved $100 this month? Hooray, you’ve accomplished something! Give yourself a high five, #Picstitch the heck out of it and celebrate yourself.

Begin and end your day with prayer.

Jesus is on the mainline and thankfully we have the ability to talk to him whenever we want. Not only will daily prayer prepare your mind for the stressors to come, but it will also allow you a much needed moment to reflect and rid yourself of whatever is weighing you down. Try a prayer challenge or gratitude journal to jumpstart the routine.

Have a vision, write it and make it plain.

Don’t just set a goal or hope for something great to happen. Take action. Strategize, make a plan and set a timeline.

 Don’t compare yourself to others because it rarely yields good results.

You’re you for a reason, and who you are is pretty awesome.

Know that all the things you’ve dreamed for yourself can still happen.

There is still life in your body, which means your dreams can still come true. For some reason I’ve formed this notion that Oprah, Beyonce and all the other uber successful people of the world woke up like this. It’s hard to appreciate the process of success while you’re smack dab in the middle of it. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your career, relationship, bank account, start-up company, perfect family or whatever your goal is. As crazy as it sounds, time is on your side and your hard work has no choice but to pay off. Until then, relax, kick back, keep grinding and enjoy these moments before you’re on to the next one.

Weigh in and tell us some of your favorite life lessons!

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