World, Meet Auntie Chelle

As a black woman some of my fondest moments in life are the times I decided not to give a f**k. The times I decided to be unapologetically me without any care to what the world may think. Saturday errands with my hair wrapped. Wearing mismatched bra and panties. Telling f**kbois everywhere just how wretched they are and that the sex was never really that great. Finally calling out a co-worker’s racial microaggressions and confessing that her Christmas cheesecake is an edible arrangement of Sean Spicer’s face. It really doesn’t get any better than being you and doing whatever the heck you want.

I wonder if that’s how Michelle Obama felt after she presumably washed and detangled her hair, applied a quarter-size amount of coconut oil, finished it off with a curl milk and went about her day. She just didn’t care. Now this isn’t to say that any female rocking her natural hair has tossed all cares of routine maintenance to the wind because we sure do put a decent amount of love, time, Target trips, YouTube trolling and flexi rods in our hair to care, but do we care what the world thinks? Not so much.

Michelle Obama rocking her natural hair on a Monday afternoon with a Goody headband, loose ponytail and a facial expression that says “I wish a ni**a would ask me where’s my flat iron,” is what dreams are made of. And the melanin of it all. Somebody please find me her shea butter distributor and body oil guy, and order me 12 jars of each, stat.

The sheath dresses, beach wand waves and kitten heels are great but FLOTUS has left the building and Auntie Chelle from Chicago’s South Side is chilling out maxing and relaxing all cool — and we the people who love our bad and bougie black women are here for it. There’s something about witnessing one of the nation’s most poised, down-to-earth and lovable first ladies return to some sense of normalcy after exiting the White House that is majestic. It’s a reminder of why we love her. She is us. The feisty yet kind-hearted black auntie who pushed you to finish your college application, paid the waiver and gets you the best Christmas gift. The successful, C-suite mentor you idolized and turned to for guidance. The homegirl who will hit her Dougie in a second, constantly reminds us that black is forever beautiful, is not afraid to get dirty in her kale garden and rock booty shirts with her man because she feels like it.

But I digress.

For those who questioned our first lady’s authenticity, have a seat in the overflow room on last pew by the nurses’ station. Michelle Obama is as real as they come and that’s why we love her. So cheers to FLOTUS and all of her black girl magic.

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